What is recertPRO?
BCSP® recertPRO is a new, affordable way to earn BCSP® recertification points from the convenience of your own computer or mobile device--giving you a convenient way to earn recertification points on your own schedule! BCSP recertPRO combines Challenge Tests, the KSA Quest, and Journal Quizzes into a responsive website for an opportunity to achieve 6.85 recertification points per year. Can't make that in-person seminar or conference? Earn the points you need from home, with recertPRO!
How it Works
1-Year Purchase
Over the course of a one (1) year purchase, certificants will have the opportunity to earn over six (6) recertification points via:
  • 0.1 point per Journal Quiz, with 41 available, for 4.1 points total
  • 0.25 point per KSA, with five (5) available, for 1.25 points total
  • A set of 1-point and 0.5-point Challenge Tests, for 1.5 points total

A total of up to 6.85 recertification points may be earned in one (1) year or up to 34.25 recertification points during a five (5) year recertification cycle. All points will be automatically entered into your CMS recertification worksheet within 24 hours of being earned.

Recertification points are earned from the beginning of certificants’ recertification cycles through the cycle end date of June 30. The recertification worksheet, accounting for points earned during that time period, is to be submitted by July 31 following the recertification cycle’s June 30 end date. Points earned in the July 1-31 time period after the cycle end date are applied to the following recertification cycle, which begins July 1 and runs five years until the certification’s next June 30 recertification cycle end date.

Full details on the process of recertification can be found on the Recertification web page.

Purchases will have a total of three (3) attempts to pass each individual course. After a third attempt, or first successful attempt, the course will no longer be accessible. You must pass with 80% or higher to achieve the applicable points.
Product Description
Journal Quizzes
Challenge Tests
  • Each Challenge Test consists of 50 or 100 multiple-choice questions
  • Two (2) Challenge Tests are available each year – (1) 100 questions and (1) 50 questions
KSA Quest (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)
  • Each KSA consists of 25 multiple-choice questions
  • Five (5) KSAs are available each year (successfully completing 5 in a year earns a ribbon for digital badges)
  • By achieving each Quest level, a ribbon will display until a higher-level Quest is achieved
There are initially five (5) levels of achievement in the KSA Quest program; in the future, higher level ribbons will become available!
Pass 5 KSAs
Pass 10 KSAs
Pass 15 KSAs
Pass 20 KSAs
Pass 25 KSAs
Refund and Cancellation Policy
recertPRO subscription will last one year from the day of purchase. All sales are final. Refunds cannot be given once a subscription has been purchased nor can we prorate unused portions of your subscription.